(Kitchen Manager)

Cosme´s Kitchen Manager Mariana Villegas, 26, was born in Monterrey, Mexico where she acquired a love for the country´s lively culture and colorful flavors. Educated at The Culinary Institute of America earning a Bachelors Degree in Culinary Arts and Management, and externing at Blackbird Restaurant in Chicagoshe has always relished working with local farmers and seasonal ingredients. Upon graduation she joined Danny Meyer´s team at Union Square Café as lead line cook then returned to her native Mexico to begin work with Chef Enrique Olvera at Mexico City´s Pujol. After rotating through all stations in the prestigious and innovative kitchen she was asked to join the Cosme lead team. As Kitchen Manager Villegas will help lead the kitchen and will work with fellow Chef de Cuisine Daniela Soto Ines, on the creation of dishes. She is most excited about the highlighting the beauty and simplicity of the ingredients, and finding ways to make them inspire conversation.